Rules for EOP Show Submission:
  1. Anyone who wishes to submit a show may only submit one show.
  2. Anyone wishing to submit must be an activity fee paying student.
  3. Anyone who submits a show must list the director, who has a vision for the show, otherwise it will not be considered.
  4. If two people want to direct the same show, it would appear as two submissions of the same show. This is limited to scripts that are not student-written, as student-written scripts will be either directed by the author, or someone with the author's permission.
  5. Directors are only allowed to submit for one show.
  6. If anyone chooses that a show that has been submitted is not actually what they want to do, any method to change that starts with e-mailing the Secretary-Historian (
  7. Anyone wishing to co-direct will indicate both directors when submitting the show. Anyone wishing to assistant direct will contact the Secretary-Historian
  8. Every attempt will be made to obtain a script for the selection committee to read. However, if the director has a copy of the script, it is advised that it is submitted with the form, so as a different version of the script is not bought, or if the script cannot be found in time.
  9. Any director that submits forfeits the right to sit on the EOP show selection committee.

Rules for suggestion list/box
  1. Form is same as show submission, but does not require a director.
  2. You may suggest as many shows as you like.
  3. Anyone may suggest a show.
  4. Perusal scripts will not be bought for the suggestion list, and if a director has not read the script, the show will not be considered, so it is advisable to provide a script, or a location where the script may be obtained. If it is a personal copy that someone wants back, then a note will have to be made on it. Otherwise, it will join the many other scripts in the small library.

  1. October 9, 2011 - All forms for submission are due
  2. October 23, 2011 - Director interviews (please contact Secretary-Historian if you cannot make this day) starting at noon
  3. Notes: Directors do not have to read any show but the one they have submitted. Please do not confuse show submission with show selection committee.