Assistants for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Theater is an especially interesting activity to get involved in because, although it's commonly perceived as just "acting", it's so much more. Every show has a production team of talented and dedicated people that are essential in creating what the audience sees. Although the production team has already been chosen, the RPI Players have an offering of no-experience-needed assistant roles available to both community members and newcomers alike. These positions require only a passion or a curiosity, allowing you get involved in whatever you're interested in, whether that be building sets, doing hair, making costumes, or almost anything else you can think of.

With a position or two (or maybe even more) in mind, you should craft an email explaining why you're interested in the role(s). Talk about any relevant experience you have. But fear not if you don't have any, experience is never required for assistant positions. Take this email you've crafted and send it to the relevant person whose contact information is listed below. Be sure to send your email before the deadline passes.

Most of the positions are closing next week so that if you put in for a role and are not chosen, there are other positions for you to apply for. Decisions on each round of calls will be made within 24 hours of the role closing.

If you have any questions about one of these roles, feel free to contact the relevant master/designer.

First Round Closing Monday 3/3 at 5pm

Assistant Stage Manager

Contact Maggie P at prentm Please enable Javascript .

Assistant Set Dresser

Contact Katie S at sapork Please enable Javascript .

Assistant Publicity Coordinator

Contact Mason C at coopem4 Please enable Javascript .

Second Round Closing Wednesday 3/5 at 5pm

Assistant Master Carpenter

Contact Jocelyn G and Andrew M at grisej Please enable Javascript and andrew.moberg93 Enable Javascript .

Assistant Lighting Designer

Contact Tim M at mcmult Enable Javascript .

Assistant Costumes Designer

Contact Emily D at dimame Please enable Javascript .

Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer

Contact Madeline H at hellem Please enable Javascript .

Third Round: Closing Friday 3/7 at 5pm

Assistant Sound Designer

Contact Alex K at karcha Please enable Javascript .

Assistant Properties Master

Contact Nora R at rogern3 Please enable Javascript .

Assistant Master Electrician

Contact Deborah L at larkd Please enable Javascript .

Fourth Round: Closing 3/28 at 5pm

Assistant Box Office Manager

Contact Jeremy F at feldmj2 Please enable Javascript .

Assistant House Manager

Contact Jed K at kundlj Please enable Javascript .