Choreographer: Abby Todd
Director: Samantha Malanche
Musical Director: Frank Leavitt

Show Number: 274


A musical about the Declaration of Independence.


Role Name Membership Class
Abigail Adams Emily Fernandes Player 2013
Andrew McNair/Painter Victor Cortes Player 2014
Benjamin Franklin Tom Kinstrey Player 2011
Caesar Rodney Alyssa Montalbano Player 2013
Charles Thomson Greg Zabielski Player Community
Col. Thomas McKean Dan Marsh Apprentice Community
Courier Jessica Johnson Player 2011
Dr. Josiah Bartlett Robert Stewart Player 2014
Dr. Lyman Hall Michelle Gore Player Unknown
Edward Rutledge Ben Brower Player 2011
George Read Ken Ernstein Apprentice Community
James Wilson Kent Morris Player 2012
John Adams Ethan Henkler Player 2012
John Dickinson Bobby Ferris Player 2013
John Hancock James Fagan Player 2011
Joseph Hewes Rebecca Calvanico-Weinstein Player 2014
Lewis Morris Jed Kundl Player 2014
Martha Jefferson Erin Murphy Player 2013
Rev. John Witherspoon Matthew Scorza Player 2014
Richard Henry Lee Patches Kessler Player 2012
Robert Livingston Brian Mess Apprentice Community
Roger Sherman Sean Chase Player 2014
Samuel Chase Norman Eick Player Community
Stephen Hopkins Catt Kingsgrave Apprentice Community
Thomas Jefferson Michael Stark Player 2011


Piano/Accompanist Garrett Smelcher None Unknown
Trumpet I Devin Glenn Player 2015


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer Maggie O'Connor Player 2014
Assistant Lighting Designer Jacqui Brunelli Player 2013
Assistant Lighting Designer Eric Yanulis Player 2013
Assistant Master Carpenter Austin Selick-Bottos Player 2014
Assistant Master Electrician Danny Goldstein Player 2012
Assistant Master Electrician Cameron Childress Player 2012
Assistant Properties Master Danny Goldstein Player 2012
Assistant Sound Designer Ryan Magruder Player 2014
Assistant Sound Designer Jed Kundl Player 2014
Box Office Assistant Eric Weissenstein Player 2010
Box Office Manger Kristopher Nasadowski Player 1997
Costumes Designer Ashley Veatch Player 2010
Hair & Makeup Designer Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013
House Manager Cody Nunno Player 2013
Lighting Designer Tim McMullan Player 2012
Master Carpenter Jacob Brode Player 2007
Master Carpenter Keegan Trott Player 2011
Master Electrician Andrew Fasano Player 2014
Properties Master Linda Quartner Player 2014
Publicity Art Bobby Ferris Player 2013
Publicity Art Tom Kinstrey Player 2011
Publicity Coordinator Taylor Davis Player 2014
Running Crew Cameron Childress Player 2012
Running Crew Austin Selick-Bottos Player 2014
Running Crew Robert McDonald None 2014
Running Crew Keegan Trott Player 2011
Set Designer Michael McBain Player Unknown
Sound Designer Stephen Rancour Player 2012

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Stage Manager Marisa Gallego Player Unknown
Assistant Stage Manager Maggie Shay Player 2014
Producer David Archibald Player 2010
Stage Manager Conor Sjogren Player 2013