The Love of Three Oranges

Director: Eric Shovah
Assistant Director: Nicolas Robinson
Assistant Director: Jacob Schatz

Show Number: 293


Forget all your dusty misconceptions about the traditions of Commedia dell'Arte as The Love of Three Oranges, based on a scenario by Carlo Gozzi, provides a wild, raucous slapstick comedy that is completely retooled and revised for today's audiences. Prince Tartaglia's life is filled with misery until an evil witch and her equally evil henchmen curse him to search for three giant oranges. But this quest proves more fruitful than anyone could have imagined as a once-lonely prince discovers love, friendship, and laughter when he encounters wizards, monarchs, and a wild narrator who isn't sure how far removed from the story he really is.


Role Name Membership Class
Brighella Pasha Chorba Player 2016
Clarice Emily Kosmaczewski Player 2016
Creonta Molly Kerwick Player 2019
Farfarello/Bumpkin 3/Palace Guard/Cook Marc Barbret Player 1824
Fata Morgana Micaila Dean Player 2016
King Brendan Freiler Player 2018
Leandro/Bumpkin Rafael Ramos Player 2016
Linetta/Servant Brianne Murphy Player 2017
Musician Michael Gardner Player 2017
Narrator/Celio Robert Stewart Player 2014
Nicoletta/Nurse Sarah Helfer Player 2016
Ninetta Hannah De los Santos Player 2017
Pantalone/Donkey Kyle Johnson Player 2016
Smeraldina Jessica Spencer Player 2018
Tartaglia Jacob Speicher Player 2019
Truffaldino Brian Avery Apprentice Community
Wild God/Mute Bumpkin/Rope Matt Fields Player 2018


Role Name Membership Class
Co-Master Carpenter Jason Colville Player 2017
Co-Master Carpenter Jeffrey Schwartz Player 2017
Assistant Master Carpenter Wade Gorman Apprentice 2019
Assistant Master Carpenter David Tamir Apprentice 2019
Set Designer Deborah Winograd Player 2016
Set Dresser Deborah Winograd Player 2016
Assistant Set Dresser Sap Player 2017
Assistant Set Dresser Corwin Ruggiero Apprentice 2019
Assistant Set Dresser Erin Napier Player 2019
Stage Crew Lee Cattarin Player 2018
Stage Crew Charles Chen Player 2018
Stage Crew Alex Sammataro Player 2019
Lighting Designer Julia Reimertz Player 2018
Assistant Lighting Designer Nick Karalexis Player 2019
Assistant Lighting Designer Aquiel Godeau Player 2018
Master Electrician Braden Harrington Player 2016
Assistant Master Electrician Jonathan Chin Player 2019
Assistant Master Electrician Jasper Boland Apprentice 2019
Assistant Sound Designer Michael Biscotti Apprentice 2019
Assistant Sound Designer Mark Florkowski Player 2018
Properties Master Taylor Turner Player 2016
Assistant Properties Master Jeremy Feldman Player 2016
Assistant Properties Master Chris Guyon Player 2010
Assistant Properties Master Laura Napierkowski Player 2016
Costume Designer Emily DiMambro Player 2016
Assistant Costume Designer Christina Hammer Player 2017
Assistant Costume Designer Heritage Weems Player 2018
Assistant Costume Designer Shoshana Malfatto Apprentice 2019
Hair & Makeup Designer Khiana Odekirk Player 2017
Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer Ayana Beatty Apprentice 2018
Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer Christine Marini None 2016

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Nick Menezes Player 2017
Assistant Producer Alex Karcher Player 2016
Stage Manager Fiona Smith Player 2018
Stage Manager Louis Hyde Apprentice 2019
Publicity Artist Melody Fan None 2017
Publicity Facilitator Jon-Pierre Hanna Player 2017
House Manager Jon-Pierre Hanna Player 2017
Assistant House Manager Molly Osterberg Player 2018
Assistant House Manager Elliot Chen Player 2018
Box Office Manager Emi Phillips Player 2017
Assistant Box Office Manager Deborah Lark Player 2017
Assistant Box Office Manager Brittany Rupp Player 2017
Assistant Box Office Manager Maggie Prentice Player 2015
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