An Evening of Performance 2015

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Off the Grid
  • The Game

Director - Boise, Idaho: Jeremy Feldman
Director - The Game: Emily Kosmaczewski
Director - Off the Grid: Jocelyn Griser
Assistant Director - The Game: Emily Fernandes

Show Number: 289


An Evening of Performance 2015:

A night of one act performances.


Role Name Membership Class
(Boise, Idaho)
Pixie Sirois Player 2018
(Boise, Idaho)
Jacob Schatz Player 2016
(Boise, Idaho)
Reece Kearney Player 2015
(Boise, Idaho)
Matt Fields Player 2018
(Off the Grid)
Christina Hammer Player 2017
(Off the Grid)
Marc Barbret Player 1824
(Off the Grid)
Tristan Villamil Player 2018
(Off the Grid)
Jessica Spencer Player 2018
(The Game)
Rafael Ramos Player 2016
(The Game)
Casey Adam Player 2015
The Dancer
(The Game)
Hannah De los Santos Player 2017
The Youth
(The Game)
Brendan Freiler Player 2018


Role Name Membership Class
Master Carpenter Charles Chen Player 2018
Assistant Master Carpenter Spencer Pilcher None 2015
Set Designer Sap Player 2017
Set Dresser Heritage Weems Player 2018
Assistant Set Dresser Christopher Urig None Community
Lighting Designer Benjamin Shaw Player 2018
Assistant Lighting Designer Andrew Moberg Player 2016
Master Electrician Brittany Rupp Player 2017
Assistant Master Electrician Nora Rogers Player 2015
Assistant Master Electrician Aquiel Godeau Player 2018
Properties Master Kathryn Grotheer Player 2016
Assistant Properties Master Gabi Tukeman Player 2015
Assistant Properties Master Alex Karcher Player 2016
Costumes Designer Nicolas Robinson Player 2018
Assistant Costumes Designer Molly Osterberg Player 2018
Hair and Makeup Designer Emi Phillips Player 2017
Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer Khiana Odekirk Player 2017
Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer Jacqueline Schrings None Unknown

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Emily DiMambro Player 2016
Assistant Producer Nick Menezes Player 2017
Stage Manager Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Stage Manager
(Boise, Idaho)
Fiona Smith Player 2018
Stage Manager
(The Game)
Edrick Drachenberg Player 2017
Stage Manager
(Off the Grid)
Emily Smith Player 2017
Publicity Artist Jess Falk Player 2013
Publicity Director Mason Cooper Player 2017
Publicity Facilitator Heili Springsteen Player 2017
House Manager Deborah Winograd Player 2016
Assistant House Manager Michael Gardner Player 2017
Box Office Manager Heili Springsteen Player 2017
EOP 2015 Pinata ThumbEOP 2015 Jess's Thumb