Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Director: Sev Moro
Music Director: Frank Leavitt
Choreographer: Jennifer Volpe
Assistant Choreographer: Cori Rose Schroer
Assistant Choreographer: Emily Lambert

Show Number: 286


Based on the original book by Anita Loos, this musical follows Lorelei Lee, a blonde from Little Rock, Arkansas who knows how to get her way. She embarks on a voyage to Europe with her friend Dorothy, encountering an Olympic diving team, a slew of admirers, a misplaced tiara, and French detectives along the way.


Role Name Membership Class
Dorothy Shaw Emily Fernandes Player 2013
Ella Spofford Maggie O'Connor Player 2014
Gloria Stark Cori Rose Schroer Player 2015
Gus Esmond Alexander Vitovitch Player 2015
Henry Spofford Bryce Miller Player 2016
Josephus Gage Dustin Anderson Player 2015
Lady Phyllis Beekman Sherri Strichman None Community
Lorelei Lee Alison Kennicutt None 2009
Louis Lemanteur & Mr. Esmond Sen Robert Stewart Player 2014
Robert Lemanteur Luc Lagace Player 2015
Sir Francis Beekman Steven Leifer None Community
Ensemble Emily Lambert Player 2014
Ensemble Emily Smith Player 2017
Ensemble Hannah De los Santos Player 2017
Ensemble Kyle Johnson Player 2016
Ensemble Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013
Ensemble Sarah Helfer Player 2016
Ensemble Spencer Pilcher None 2015
Ensemble Jonah Gruber Player 2014
Ensemble Bradley Jewett None 2015
Ensemble Shannon Holly None 2014
Ensemble Veronica Brice None 2016
Ensemble Rebecca Ehrhardt None 2014
Ensemble Christopher Malatesta None Community


Accompanist Graham Doig None Unknown
Accompanist John Vanstone None Unknown
Alto V & Baritone V Kelsey McElduff None Unknown
Bass & Cello Tristian Kernick None Unknown
Bassoon Nicholas Brennan Apprentice 2017
Clarinet I Ruthanne Cantele None 2017
Clarinet II & Alto II Ariel Schnur None Unknown
Clarinet IV & Tenor IV Issac Cohen None Unknown
Clarinet V Robert Eldridge Player 2017
Flute IV & Piccolo IV Ian Ooi None
Guitar & Banjo Joes Hetko None Unknown
Horn Chandler Dawson None Unknown
Oboe, English Horn & Flute I Matthew Scorza Player 2014
Percussion (auxiliary) Geo Kersey None Unknown
Percussion (set) Jean Facteau None Unknown
Trombone I Jason Li None Unknown
Trumpet I Devin Glenn Player 2015
Trumpet II Sam Dickinson None
Trumpet III Ezra Vanstone None Unknown
Violin I Kevin Donovan None Unknown
Violin I Megan Yi None 2017


Role Name Membership Class
Master Carpenter Andrew Moberg Player 2016
Master Carpenter Jocelyn Griser Player 2016
Assistant Master Carpenter Nick Menezes Player 2017
Assistant Master Carpenter Joshua Whitney None 2017
Set Designer Austin Selick-Bottos Player 2014
Set Designer Jess Falk Player 2013
Set Dresser Sap Player 2017
Assistant Set Dresser Cedya Bertram None 2016
Assistant Set Dresser Andrea Ramos None 2017
Stage Crew Liz Pepe Player 2015
Stage Crew Gabi Tukeman Player 2015
Stage Crew Taylor Davis Player 2014
Lighting Designer Tim McMullan Player 2012
Assistant Lighting Designer Lauryn Curtis Player 2015
Assistant Lighting Designer Brittany Rupp Player 2017
Master Electrician Deborah Lark Player 2017
Assistant Master Electrician Ben Wright None 2017
Assistant Master Electrician Matthew McConnell None 2016
Sound Designer Alex Karcher Player 2016
Assistant Sound Designer Michael Gardner Player 2017
Assistant Sound Designer Jeffrey Schwartz Player 2017
Properties Master Nora Rogers Player 2015
Assistant Properties Master Kathryn Grotheer Player 2016
Assistant Properties Master Emi Phillips Player 2017
Costumes Designer Emily DiMambro Player 2016
Assistant Costumes Designer Daisy Rojas None 2017
Assistant Costumes Designer Christina Hammer Player 2017
Hair & Makeup Designer Madeline Heller Player 2014
Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer Micaila Dean Player 2016
Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer Emily Kosmaczewski Player 2016

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Andrew Fasano Player 2014
Assistant Producer Laura Napierkowski Player 2016
Stage Manager Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Assistant Stage Manager Taylor Turner Player 2016
Public Relations Coordinator Mason Cooper Player 2017
Assistant Public Relations Coordinator Lauren Angelini None 2016
Assistant Public Relations Coordinator Rebecca Calvanico-Weinstein Player 2014
Publicity Artist Taylor Davis Player 2014
House Manager Jed Kundl Player 2014
Assistant House Manager Kat Mezic Player 2015
Assistant House Manager Liz McKernan Player 2015
Box Office Manager Jeremy Feldman Player 2016
Assistant Box Office Manager Reece Kearney Player 2015
Assistant Box Office Manager Talina Bastille Player 2017