An Evening of Performance 2014

  • A Dollar
  • Promageddon
  • The Whole Shebang
  • Sheer Idiocy

Director - A Dollar: Luc Lagace
Director - The Whole Shebang: Madeline Heller
Director - Promageddon: Matthew Scorza
Director - Promageddon: Nathan Fullerton

Show Number: 285


An Evening of Performance 2014:

A series of one acts performed and directed by the students of RPI.

Sheer Idiocy:

Performance by Sheer Idiocy within Evening of Performance 2014


Role Name Membership Class
The Comedian
(A Dollar)
Cori Rose Schroer Player 2015
The Heroine
(A Dollar)
Joelle Woodson None 2016
The Ingenue
(A Dollar)
Christina Hammer Player 2017
The Old Man
(A Dollar)
Michael Gardner Player 2017
The Old Woman
(A Dollar)
Jocelyn Griser Player 2016
The Stranger
(A Dollar)
Talina Bastille Player 2017
The Tragedian
(A Dollar)
Spencer Pilcher None 2015
The Villain
(A Dollar)
Emily Kosmaczewski Player 2016
Barbara Padilla None 2017
Maggie O'Connor Player 2014
Jeremy Feldman Player 2016
Talina Bastille Player 2017
Jacob Schatz Player 2016
(The Whole Shebang)
Hannah De los Santos Player 2017
(The Whole Shebang)
Kat Mezic Player 2015
(The Whole Shebang)
Kyle Johnson Player 2016
Professor A
(The Whole Shebang)
Maggie Shay Player 2014
Professor B
(The Whole Shebang)
Reece Kearney Player 2015
(The Whole Shebang)
Alexander Vitovitch Player 2015


Role Name Membership Class
Master Carpenter Galen Schretlen Player 2016
Assistant Master Carpenter Kathryn Grotheer Player 2016
Set Designer Daisy Rojas None 2017
Set Dresser Nick Menezes Player 2017
Assistant Set Dresser Alexandra Wrappe None 2017
Assistant Set Dresser Sap Player 2017
Greg Meltzer Apprentice 2014
Stage Crew Linda Quartner Player 2014
Stage Crew Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Stage Crew Emily Smith Player 2017
Stage Crew Gabi Tukeman Player 2015
Stage Crew Quentin Leitz None 2017
Lighting Designer Robert Eldridge Player 2017
Master Electrician Deborah Lark Player 2017
Sound Designer Ben Wright None 2017
Properties Master Rebecca Calvanico-Weinstein Player 2014
Assistant Properties Master Casey Adam Player 2015
Assistant Properties Master Sarah Helfer Player 2016
Co Hair and Makeup Designer Alex Gerlich None 2017
Co Hair and Makeup Designer Christine Padavil None 2016
Costumes Designer Micaila Dean Player 2016
Assistant Costumes Designer Catherine Litvaitis Player 2017

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Ryan Kutler Player 2014
Assistant Producer Emily DiMambro Player 2016
Crew Chief Nora Rogers Player 2015
Main Stage Manager Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Sheer idocy Liason
(Sheer Idiocy)
Heili Springsteen Player 2017
Stage Manager
(A Dollar)
Taylor Turner Player 2016
Stage Manager
Laura Napierkowski Player 2016
Stage Manager
(The Whole Shebang)
Edrick Drachenberg Player 2017
Publicity Artist Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Publicity Coordinator Rafael Ramos Player 2016
Assistant Publicity Coordinator Mason Cooper Player 2017
House Manager Andrew Moberg Player 2016
Box Office Manager Tim McMullan Player 2012
Assistant Box Office Manager Emi Phillips Player 2017
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