But Why Bump Off Barnaby?

Director: Cody Nunno
Assistant Director: Laura Napierkowski
Writer: Rick Abbot

Show Number: 279


This lunatic show poses a fascinating mystery. When Barnaby Folcey is murdered at a family gathering at Marlgate Manor, it transpires that he had a motive to murder everybody else but no one had a reason to want him dead. While dying, he scrawled the letters "b- a-r," which can implicate everyone. While the bizarre group frantically tries to unmask the murderer, people vanish, poison is found in the sherry and the police take forever to arrive. Meanwhile, there's a secret treasure to be found, a mystifying limerick to decode and all sorts of doom to be avoided before the killer is finally unmasked and destroyed using one of the funniest methods ever seen on a stage.


Role Name Membership Class
Barbara Liz Pepe Player 2015
Barnaby Alexander Vitovitch Player 2015
Barnsy Madeline Heller Player 2014
Cleo Micaila Dean Player 2016
Dora Rebecca Calvanico-Weinstein Player 2014
Jeff Jeremy Feldman Player 2016
Magnolia Maggie Shay Player 2014
Medkins Colin Strong Apprentice 2016
Orion Evan Thomas Player 2015
Rosalind Anna Mayer Player 2016


Role Name Membership Class
Master Carpenter Matthew Scorza Player 2014
Set Designer Kelly Nicholson Player 2015
Lighting Designer Joshua Rosenfeld Apprentice 2016
Lighting Designer Mentor Jed Kundl Player 2014
Assistant Lighting Designer Alexander Hunter Simon Apprentice 2014
Master Electrician Brian Azis Player 2013
Assistant Master Electrician Braden Harrington Player 2016
Sound Designer Tim Slowikowski Apprentice 2016
Sound Designer Mentor Eric Yanulis Player 2013
Sound Op Alex Karcher Player 2016
Properties Master Linda Quartner Player 2014
Costumes Designer Fiona Kine Player 2016
Hair and Makeup Designer Sarah Helfer Player 2016
Hair and Makeup Designer Mentor Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013
Costumes Designer Mentor Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Andrew Fasano Player 2014
Assistant Producer Taylor Turner Player 2016
Stage Manager Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Publicity Artist Taylor Davis Player 2014
Publicity Coordinator Kyle Johnson Player 2016
Publicity Coordinator Mentor Jess Falk Player 2013
House Manager Kat Mezic Player 2015
But Why Bump off Barnaby