Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Director: Matthew T. Teichner
Assistant Director: Luc Lagace
Assistant Director: Kat Mezic

Show Number: 276


Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a romantic tragedy that explores the heartbreaking consequences of desire, sex, and manipulation through the interactions of 18th century French aristocrats. The show follows the notorious Vicompt de Valmont and his various sexual endeavors. Eventually, these endeavors result in a complicated web of love and desire, in which even Valmont loses himself.


Role Name Membership Class
Azolan Kevan Donlon Player 2012
Cecile Kiley Hinkle Apprentice Community
Danceny Cody Nunno Player 2013
Emilie Lauren Fellers Player 2014
Major-Domo Robert Stewart Player 2014
Merteuil Bria Schultz Player 2010
Rosemonde Rebecca Calvanico-Weinstein Player 2014
Tourvel Casey Adam Player 2015
Valmont Gage Wondrasch Player 2013
Volanges Emily Fernandes Player 2013


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Costumes Designer Lindsay Hastings Player 2014
Assistant Costumes Designer Hannah Rogers Player 2014
Assistant Hair, and Make-up Designer Claudia Anzini Player 2014
Hair, Make Up and Costumes Designer Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013
House Manager Tim McMullan Player 2012
Lighting Designer Jed Kundl Player 2014
Assistant Lighting Designer Lauryn Curtis Player 2015
Assistant Lighting Designer Kirk Bittner Player 2015
Master Carpenter Austin Selick-Bottos Player 2014
Assistant Master Carpenter Ryan Kutler Player 2014
Assistant Master Carpenter Luc Lagace Player 2015
Master Electrician Danny Goldstein Player 2012
Assistant Master Electrician Brian Azis Player 2013
Assistant Master Electrician Evan Plunkett Player 2014
Assistant Master Electrician Brigid Angelini Player 2015
Properties Master Andrew Fasano Player 2014
Assistant Property Master Sarah Helfer Player 2016
Assistant Property Master Justine Kawa Player 2015
Public Relations Coordinator Casey Adam Player 2015
Publicity Artist Maggie Prentice Player 2015
Running Crew Austin Selick-Bottos Player 2014
Set Designer Kelly Nicholson Player 2015
Sound Designer Stephen Rancour Player 2012
Assistant Sound Designer Michael Schrider Player 2015
Assistant Sound Designer Davida Whitt Player 2015

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Andrew Couture Player 2012
Assistant Producer Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013
Stage Manager Jess Falk Player 2013
Assistant Stage Manager Megan Wart Apprentice 2015
Assistant Stage Manager Rebecca Radparvar Player 2015
Assistant Box Manager Linda Quartner Player 2014
Box Office Manager David Archibald Player 2010