Our Town

An Evening of Performance 2008


Assistant Director - Mirror, Mirror - An Evening of Performance 2008: Jacob Brode
Co-Director - London Suite - An Evening of Performance 2008: Chris Guyon
Co-Director - London Suite - An Evening of Performance 2008: Alex Nelson
Director - Mirror, Mirror - An Evening of Performance 2008: Chris Diorio
Director - Talk Radio - An Evening of Performance 2008: David Love

Show Number: 261


Role Name Membership Class
London Suite: Billy Chris Brousseau Player 2009
London Suite: Brian Jonathan Janssen Player Unknown
London Suite: Lauren Kristie Norris Player 2009
London Suite: Mother Bria Schultz Player 2010
Mirror Mirror: A Prince Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown
Mirror Mirror: A Prince David Melecio-Vazquez Player 2011
Mirror Mirror: Narrator Michael Stark Player 2011
Mirror Mirror: Prince Charming Drew Kayserian Player Unknown
Mirror Mirror: Sleeping Beauty Liz Maus Player 2011
Mirror Mirror: The Mirror Michael Pratt Player 2009
Mirror Mirror: The Stepdaughter Ashley Veatch Player 2010
Mirror Mirror: The Stepmother Jes Mascaro Player 2009
Talk Radio: Barry Champlain Eric Garside Player 0
Talk Radio: Bernie, Junior, Chet, etc... Darren Domingos Player 2010
Talk Radio: Dan Woodruff Brent Campbell Player Community
Talk Radio: Debbie, Denise, and Julia Erin Carroll Player 2010
Talk Radio: Francine, John, Alan, Arnold Duane Granston Player Unknown
Talk Radio: Kent Nick Sosin Player Unknown
Talk Radio: Linda MacArthur Ashley Brennan Apprentice Unknown
Talk Radio: Rhonda, June, Lucy Liz Grafeld Player 2011
Talk Radio: Richard, Josh, Henry, Fred Keegan Trott Player 2011
Talk Radio: Ruth, Cathleen, Jackie, Dr F Morgan Mauro Player Community
Talk Radio: Sid, Announcer, Glen, Ralph Mike Davey Player Unknown
Talk Radio: Stu Noonan Devin Malko Player Unknown


Role Name Membership Class
Co-Master Carpenter Tony Lupis Apprentice Unknown
Co-Master Carpenter Daniel Johnston Player 2010
Co-Set Designer Kara Desmond (McCall) Player Community
Co-Set Designer Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Costume Assistant Ben Brower Player 2011
Costumes Assistant Eric Chan Player Community
Costumes Designer Kristie Norris Player 2009
Hair/Makeup Designer Lydea Irwin Player Unknown
House Manager Eric Weissenstein Player 2010
Light Board Op/ Spot Op Derek Schmidt Player Unknown
Light Designer Andrew Tergis Player 2010
Master Electrician Derek Pitman Player Community
Properties Master David Archibald Player 2010
Public Relations Coordinator Erin Carroll Player 2010
Publicity Bria Schultz Player 2010
Publicity Darren Domingos Player 2010
Publicity Artist Jes Mascaro Player 2009
Running Crew Eric Chan Player Community
Running Crew Ben Brower Player 2011
Running Crew Melissa Schroyer Apprentice Unknown
Sound Designer Tom Kinstrey Player 2011

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Stage Manager - London Suite Melissa Woods Player Unknown
Assistant Stage Manager - Mirror, Mirror Ian Keyworth Player 2010
Assistant Stage Manager - Talk Radio Greg Zabielski Player Community
Producer Jeff Matthews Player 2010
Stage Manager Erin Morelli Player 2011