An Evening of Performance 2007


Assistant Director - Nature and Purpose - An Evening of Performance 2007: Marc Destefano
Director - 1000 Babes - An Evening of Performance 2007: Alex Nelson
Director - Nature and Purpose - An Evening of Performance 2007: Bob Fishel
Director - The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage - An Evening of Performance 2007: Samantha Malanche

Show Number: 257


Role Name Membership Class
Alan -- 1000 Babes Mark Celeste Apprentice Unknown
Andy -- Nature and Purpose Peter Hogan-De Paul Apprentice Unknown
Benny -- 1000 Babes Matt Connelly Apprentice Unknown
Charlie -- 1000 Babes Chris Brousseau Player 2009
Diane --- 1000 Babes Tina Bragg (Blatsos) Player 2007
Donald -- Nature and Purpose Taylor Faulstich Apprentice Unknown
Elaine -- Nature and Purpose Bria Schultz Player 2010
Eleanor -- Nature and Purpose Lauren Klayman Player Community
Ellen -- 1000 Babes Kara Chesal Apprentice Unknown
Fran -- 1000 Babes Lydea Irwin Player Unknown
Friar Hemmer -- Nature and Purpose Ian Keyworth Player 2010
Gary -- Nature and Purpose Matt Pevarnik Apprentice Unknown
Inspector Dexter -- Twicknam Vicarage Chris Guyon Player 2010
Jeremy -- Twicknam Vicarage Peter Lanciani Apprentice Unknown
Mona -- Twicknam Vicarage Swift Picard Apprentice Unknown
Roger -- Twicknam Vicarage Michael Pratt Player 2009
Ronald -- Nature and Purpose Jonathan Janssen Player Unknown
Sarah -- Twicknam Vicarage Karen Mack Player Unknown
The Pope -- Nature and Purpose Alex Merges Apprentice Unknown


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Costumes Kristie Norris Player 2009
Assistant Master Carpenter Daniel Johnston Player 2010
Assistant Stage Manger - 1000 Babes Erin Morelli Player 2011
Asst. Stage Manger - Nature and Purpose Melissa Schroyer Apprentice Unknown
Costumes Designer Greg Zabielski Player Community
Costumes Mentor Selby Miller Player 2009
Lighting Design Mentor Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Lighting Designer Justin DeCell Player 2009
Master Carpenter Tony Lupis Apprentice Unknown
Master Carpentry Mentor Derek Murawsky Apprentice Unknown
Master Electric Mentor Justin Opotzner Apprentice Unknown
Master Electrician Rob Humphreys Player 2009
Properties Master Derek Pitman Player Community
Properties Mentor Damien Vera Player 2007
Publicity Coordinator Kara Chesal Apprentice Unknown
Publicity Coordinator Jes Mascaro Player 2009
Set Design Mentor Melissa Schroyer Apprentice Unknown
Set Designer Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Sound Design Mentor Gino Pellicano Player Unknown
Sound Designer Jeff Matthews Player 2010
Stage Crew Maggie McLellan Player Unknown
Stage Crew Liz Maus Player 2011
Stage Crew Derek Schmidt Player Unknown
Stage Crew Jes Mascaro Player 2009

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Asst. Stage Manager - Twicknam Vicarage Marissa Wolff Player 2010
Producer Jacob Brode Player 2007
Stage Manager Sara Petry Player Unknown