An Evening of Performance 2006


Assistant Director - ACF - An Evening of Performance 2006: Matthew Harris
Director - ACF - An Evening of Performance 2006: Hugh Wimberly
Director - DTS - An Evening of Performance 2006: Katie Muto-Nelson (Muto)
Director - OSB - An Evening of Performance 2006: Sara Petry

Show Number: 253


Role Name Membership Class
ACF: J. Robert Oppenheimer Michael Hall Apprentice Unknown
ACF: Man One Peter Hogan-De Paul Apprentice Unknown
ACF: Man Two Laura Kaplan Apprentice Unknown
ACF: Voice of Cthulu and Tree Jacob Brode Player 2007
DTS: Angelina Kara Chesal Apprentice Unknown
DTS: Carm Jacob Brode Player 2007
DTS: Isaac Erik Nelson Apprentice Unknown
DTS: Marie Lydea Irwin Player Unknown
DTS: Mickey Duane Granston Player Unknown
DTS: Rose Elyse Portanova Apprentice Unknown
DTS: Sal Rob Headley Player Unknown
DTS: SJ Conor Sheehan Player 2013
DTS: Teresa Kristie Norris Player 2009
OSB: David Christopher Jaeger Player Unknown
OSB: Hal Ryan McAlpine Apprentice Unknown
OSB: Jenny Michelle Gore Player Unknown
OSB: Max Igor Stolarsky Player Unknown
OSB: Norman Cody Phillips Apprentice Unknown
OSB: Sandy Kendra Pulsifer Player Unknown
OSB: Sheila Jes Mascaro Player 2009


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant House Manager Bob Fishel Player Unknown
Assistant Stage Manger - ACF Carla Voorhees Apprentice Unknown
Assistant Stage Manger - DTS Tina Bragg (Blatsos) Player 2007
Assistant Stage Manger - OSB Alex Nelson Player Community
Box Office Laura Nichols (Field) Player Community
Costumes Designer Selby Miller Player 2009
Hair/Makeup Designer Olga Gisin Apprentice Unknown
House Manager Bradley Lamoureux Apprentice Unknown
Light Operator Emily Haggstrom (Stone) Player 2007
Master Carpenter Melissa Schroyer Apprentice Unknown
Properties Master Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Public Relations Coordinator Jacob Brode Player 2007
Publicity Assistant Kendra Pulsifer Player Unknown
Publicity Assistant Damien Vera Player 2007
Publicity Assistant Carla Voorhees Apprentice Unknown
Set Designer John Nichols Player Unknown
Sound Co-Designer Derrick Obara Player Unknown
Sound Co-Designer Tony Lupis Apprentice Unknown
Stage Crew Maggie McLellan Player Unknown
Stage Crew Michael Schaaff Apprentice Unknown
Stage Crew Greg Zabielski Player Community
Stage Crew Damien Vera Player 2007
Video Designer Gino Pellicano Player Unknown

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Producer Matt Pennybacker Apprentice Unknown
Stage Manager Gino Pellicano Player Unknown