Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

Director: Debbie May

Show Number: 251


Role Name Membership Class
Bernice Roth Tina Bragg (Blatsos) Player 2007
Eddie McCuen Igor Stolarsky Player Unknown
Elsa Von Grossenknueten Tiffany Pinard Westendorf Apprentice Unknown
Helsa Wenzel Bradley Bassen Player Unknown
Ken De La Maize Michael Schaaff Apprentice Unknown
Marjorie Baverstock Katie Muto-Nelson (Muto) Player Unknown
Michael Kelly Garry Gulledge Player Unknown
Nikki Crandall Laura Kaplan Apprentice Unknown
Patrick O'Reilly Michael Hall Apprentice Unknown
Roger Hopewell Greg Zabielski Player Community
Voice of Radio Alex Nelson Player Community


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant House/Box Office Manager Melissa Schroyer Apprentice Unknown
Assistant Light Designer Carla Voorhees Apprentice Unknown
Assistant Master Carpenter Alex Nelson Player Community
Assistant Properties Duane Granston Player Unknown
Assistant Set Designer Kendra Pulsifer Player Unknown
Costumes Designer Tina Bragg (Blatsos) Player 2007
Costumes Designer Selby Miller Player 2009
Light Designer Ryan Desmond Player 2008
Light Operator Gino Pellicano Player Unknown
Light Operator Jes Mascaro Player 2009
Master Carpenter Derek Murawsky Apprentice Unknown
Master Electrician Justin Opotzner Apprentice Unknown
Properties Master Damien Vera Player 2007
Public Relations Coordinator Jacob Brode Player 2007
Publicity Assistant Jes Mascaro Player 2009
Publicity Assistant Damien Vera Player 2007
Publicity Assistant Tina Bragg (Blatsos) Player 2007
Revenue Manager Bob Fishel Player Unknown
Sound Designer Gino Pellicano Player Unknown
Sound Operator Marilyn Jose Player Unknown
Sound Operator Tony Lupis Apprentice Unknown
Sound Operator Eric Chan Player Community
Stage Crew Laura Nichols (Field) Player Community
Stage Crew Maggie McLellan Player Unknown
Stage Crew Cody Phillips Apprentice Unknown

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Producer Matt Pennybacker Apprentice Unknown
Assistant Stage Manager Emily Haggstrom (Stone) Player 2007
Producer Jonathan Janssen Player Unknown
Stage Manager Derrick Obara Player Unknown