An Evening of Performance 2010

  • Artist Descending a Staircase
  • Winter Fruit
  • Wanda's Visit

Director - Artist Descending a Staircase - An Evening of Performance 2010: Tom Kinstrey
Director - Winter Fruit - An Evening of Performance 2010: Samantha Malanche

Show Number: 268


Role Name Membership Class
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Andrew Couture Player 2012
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Kevan Donlon Player 2012
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Cody Nunno Player 2013
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Erin Murphy Player 2013
Young Beauchamp
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Bobby Ferris Player 2013
Young Donner
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Nate Newby-Kew Player 2010
Young Martello
(Artist Descending a Staircase)
Robin Lafayette Player 2010
(Winter Fruit )
Michael McBain Player Unknown
(Winter Fruit )
Liz Grafeld Player 2011
(Winter Fruit )
Maggie Shay Player 2014
(Winter Fruit )
Brian Riggs Player 2010
The Swineherd
(Winter Fruit )
Will Johnson Player 2013
(Wanda's Visit )
Spencer Power Player 2012
(Wanda's Visit )
Emily Fernandes Player 2013
The Waiter
(Wanda's Visit )
Joe Valerio Player 2013
(Wanda's Visit )
Bria Schultz Player 2010


Role Name Membership Class
Assistant Costumes Designer Morgan Miller Player 2013
Assistant Public Relations Coordinator Will Johnson Player 2013
Box Office Manager Eric Weissenstein Player 2010
Costumes Designer Annie Conway Player 2013
Hair/Makeup Designer Pat Holmes Player Unknown
Light Designer Tim McMullan Player 2012
Light Op Michelle Laura Zeliph Player 2013
Master Carpenter Riley Duncan Player Unknown
Master Electrician Steve Lentine Player 2013
Properties Master Alyssa Montalbano Player 2013
Public Relations Coordinator David Archibald Player 2010
Publicity Artist Chris Diorio Player 2012
Set Designer Vanessa Maestas None 2012
Sound Designer Conor Sjogren Player 2013
Stage Crew Gage Wondrasch Player 2013
Stage Crew Chris Diorio Player 2012
Stage Crew Ben Serber Player 2012

Production Team

Role Name Membership Class
Production Stage Manager Jim Holmes Player Unknown
Producer Tim Wickberg Player 2007
Stage Manager - Artist Descending... Michael Rutherford Player Community
Stage Manager - Wanda\'s Visit Michael Mountain Player Unknown
Stage Manager - Winter Fruit Patches Kessler Player 2012